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Bolsa Vietnamese Restaurant Well-respected and highly rated, we are a must-try place in San Diego


The renowned, best chicken pho in San Diego (chicken noodle soup)

"Pho Ga is beef pho’s lighter, non-bovine cousin, based in poultry. The best in town is at Bolsa Vietnamese Restaurant (9225 Mira Mesa Blvd, Suite 118, Mira Mesa). Where beef pho pronounces the muscular, pho ga whispers of delicacy. Bolsa achieves that, but does so with a broth that still manages to taste like the liquid essence of chicken. It is a soothing and powerful Vietnamese “answer” to Jewish penicillin -- aka chicken soup with matzo balls."

Michael Gardiner

Thrillist San Diego 

A frequent regular for many years

A local's favorite place to eat in San Diego

"If you have a hankering for fresh, healthy, authentic Vietnamese food in the San Diego area, are looking to expand your epicurean desires, or just traveling through the area, you should visit Bolsa Vietnamese Restaurant.


Located in the busy Mira Mesa Commercial Shopping Center, Bolsa Vietnamese Restaurant has been a San Diego dining experience favorite for over twenty years. Specializing in authentic home-style Vietnamese cuisine, Bolsa is everything you would expect from a locally owned establishment with the motto “everyone is family.”  Owner An Dang and her sisters do not miss a detail to ensure the quality of the food and the dining experience is memorable. 


A perfect start to your meal or as a side dish would be a serving of Cha Ghio (Egg Rolls) stuffed with six different vegetables. These crunchy treats are fried to perfection that contains a myriad of vegetable flavor!


Whether you’re unfamiliar with Vietnamese food or an expert, the Pho Ga (Chicken Pho) transcends all expectations. A long-running favorite for frequent Bolsa diners, the Pho Ga is considered to be the best in the greater San Diego area. The silky chicken broth exudes depth and the tender slivers of chicken offer enough contrast to the soft rice noodles. Cilantro and green onion punctuate the dish. The side condiments of bean sprouts and Sriracha hot chili sauce allow the diner to customize the amount of crunch and heat. 


The Bahn Mi sandwich is the quintessential classic Vietnamese fusion food that combines native Vietnamese ingredients stuffed inside a French baguette, which was introduced to Vietnam when it was part of French Indochina as a colonial possession from the late 1800s until the mid-1950s.


The Bahn Mi Thit Nuong  (Char-grilled pork or beef) at Bolsa is the perfect layering of textures and flavors. The initial crunch of the baguette gives way to the soft crumb.  The interplay between the fresh cilantro garnish, cool mayonnaise, the pickled, spicy vegetables and the grilled meat will have you coming back for more. 


For vegetarians, Bolsa has a variety of options that include the Banh Xeo Chay (Vegetarian Vietnamese Crepe) and Rau Cai Xao Dau Hu (Stir-Fried Vegetables with Tofu and Steamed Rice). Both of these options will leave you satisfied with their fresh flavors and homemade taste.


If you’re just looking for a quick break from a crazy day, Bolsa can provide an antidote. With its pleasant interior that is reminiscent of a French Café, you will be able to recharge with a caffeine or sugar blast. Try the Vietnamese Coffee and select from an array of desserts for a pick me up. For the uninitiated, Vietnamese coffee is a perfect blend of creamy sweetness from a dollop of condensed milk coupled with a potent dose of java. Whether for a break or for an after dinner treat, it will be a delicious part of your day.


In addition to the variety of dining options, Bolsa Vietnamese Restaurant offers catering services straight from their menu. 


Visit Bolsa Vietnamese Restaurant for an authentic taste of Vietnam you don’t need to travel any farther than Mira Mesa."

Tom Lagasse

Guest for over a decade

Faye's Fork - San Diego food blogger

True family atmosphere

"The service here usually is very good. I...but the good moments definitely outweigh all of the bad. And I really like the owners here. They’re sisters and look like twins (sounds familiar to what I hear all the time w/ my sis)."

Faye's Fork

The Plain Jane - San Diego food blogger

Pho and many unique Vietnamese foods in Mira Mesa, San Diego

"I love these egg rolls because of the super extra crunchy wrapper. This angle kind of makes them look like chicken wing ends to me. Or am I just crazy?

I love munching of these wrapped with the mint and lettuce. I didn’t do that the first time I had them, but tried it later and found I preferred it that way. The mint gives it a little hint of fresh flavor paired in with the crunchy rolls. They have a meaty/veggie filling, just the right amount of each...Above that is this ginger sauce that’s given to you when you order the Chicken Rice Noodle Pho (it is heavenly)."

The Plain Jane

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