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Black April - Family Roots Revisited

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Revisiting my Vietnamese Family Roots

In the Vietnamese culture, there is this unspoken looming obscurity that people try endlessly to forget. My family wanted to safeguard the innocence of future generations far away from their dismal memories scarred with violence and warfare; however, time, acceptance and curiosity for the truth would eventually crack the dark enigma shrouded by the inescapable past despite their will.

Fortunately, underneath all the resentment and turmoil prevailed an undying light from my relatives, particularly my grandpa, his brother in-law and his sister, Dang Bao Lam, Nguyen Cao Ky and Madame Mai Nguyen Cao Ky who carried the honorable distinctions of Three Star Colonel, Prime Minister (eventually Vice President) and First Lady of the Anti-Communist Republic of Vietnam, or simply, South Vietnam. I'm sharing this piece of my family because I couldn’t sleep last night, but after revisiting their story, I feel tireless and fully spirited to carry out the day. Whenever I dig deeper into my family’s history, I discover new tidbits that leave me awestruck and inspired.

Although I am writing this a day after the date of "Black April", otherwise known as the "Fall of Saigon" (formal end date of the Vietnam War), I find it fitting to the lesson that I have learned from my relatives: with every ending comes a new beginning.

Life will have its bad and good days, but no matter what, it will go on.

Thank you.

This was written by Kevin Nguyen, the son of the owner, An Dang. Kevin inherited his mother's entrepreneurial mindset and wishes to pursue his own endeavors. Due to his strict workout and diet regimen that began over 6 years ago, many of the modern, health-conscious practices at Bolsa can be attributed to his lifestyle. The online presence of Bolsa, including social media management, technology partnerships, and website design, are handled by him (though he doesn't accept payment for the work he does for the family).

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