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Bolsa Vietnamese Restaurant Menu with delicious pho and over 100 traditional Vietnamese foods

Timeless recipes

Bolsa Vietnamese Restaurant Menu

Our menu at Bolsa Vietnamese Restaurant features different styles of Vietnamese pho, including our Pho Ga (Chicken Pho), ranked as the best in San Diego for many years. If you’ve never before had the pleasure of tasting authentic Vietnamese pho, we want to be your first experience for discovering the savory flavors of one of Vietnam’s most acclaimed dishes. Savory with bright pops of basil and citrus hints from lime, it melds sweet, sour, salt, and spicy flavors together for a harmonious balance.


Indulge your palate in the divine tastes of our different pho varieties, Hanoi noodles, stir-fry dishes, and unique Vietnamese food you likely haven’t had the opportunity to taste at any other San Diego Vietnamese restaurant. With over 100 dishes on our menu, we give you the chance to discover real Vietnamese food as it should be.

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