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Bolsa Vietnamese Restaurant Preserving Vietnamese heritage, cultural secrets, and our family history on this blog

Immerse in culture

Vietnamese food, lifestyle, and culture appreciation

The beauty and complexities in Vietnamese culture often go without notice. Beyond the pleasures that Vietnamese food brings to the ordinary person, the rich history and unique values remain shared only amongst Vietnamese people. As an effort to preserve our culture and family outside of our Mira Mesa restaurant, we will share stories that dive deeper into everything Vietnamese-related.

Various family members will write these articles, adding to the depth and diversity of our family. Some who are university professors, food aficionados, creatives, entrepreneurs, engineers, and the list goes on. While we all have our differences, we all share the same appreciation for our family, upbringing, and roots. Hopefully, you will find some value with this page, whether entertaining, interesting, enriching, or whatever it may be. We hope that these stories will put some much-needed limelight onto the Vietnamese culture and lifestyle. Hopefully, with an increased understanding of the inner workings of Vietnamese culture, your next visit to our Vietnamese restaurant in Mira Mesa will come with enhanced taste and appreciation.


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