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Bolsa Vietnamese Restaurant Connecting tradition to provide the best Vietnamese food from our family 

Our story

Sharing our exotic roots with us to our Vietnamese restaurant

Few people can relate, but most people can only imagine what it is like to leave your home for a brand new country. That was us  - our family of over 8 immediate siblings, 6 in-laws, 2 parents, and a few children. Some of us were fortunate to escape on planes to the United States, while some luckily made it through on poorly built wooden ships. We had to cut the strings from our beloved country, our home, for a brighter future; however, we wanted to maintain and share the most important parts of our culture - family, friends, and food. 


Despite parting ways with everything we were accustomed to, our family, in its entirety, stayed together and relied upon each other to pave the way for a better future, resulting in our family-owned restaurant of over 20 years, Bolsa Vietnamese Restaurant. Every taste that our dishes have also contains a bit of us. We are rejoicing over life, sharing our reluctance and providing everyone with the opportunity to enjoy authentic, savory Vietnamese cuisine. The same dishes that you have here are also served in the dining tables of our very own home. We take pride in our culture, especially our food. Come in and enjoy - everyone's family.

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Saigon influenced Vietnamese food in Mira Mesa Exotic roots parts of vietnam

Everyone's family

Family-friendly Asian Restaurant in Mira Mesa

Hoi an influenced vietnamese food at Bolsa Vietnamese Restaurant in San Diego

Bolsa Vietnamese Restaurant captures a family atmosphere in every sense of our restaurant. From the service you receive to the authentic dishes you enjoy, what you expect is a casual, laid-back atmosphere. Leave all worries behind because family will get you through the tough times, thus dining at our restaurant in Mira Mesa, San Diego should allow you to escape into a cultural experience that is filled with joy and good food. 

Located in north county San Diego in Mira Mesa, in-between Scripps Ranch and Sorrento Valley, we invite everyone to come and dine with us. Like family, we will always welcome everyone with open arms. Home is where the heart it, and ours is with everyone in San Diego.

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